Converse | Pro Streets

The Converse Pro Street Campaign was a Europe Wide campaign that got participants to support their local area by coming down and demonstrating their most original moves.

Talents spanning dance, skate flips and MC battles, were captured by special cameras that were scattered around the cities that posted them directly on to the pro streets website. Individuals could then promote their films or their peers in ordered to get votes and work their way up a leaderboard.

The Street Team worked with the marketing agency Amplify to help drive numbers of people using the cameras. The Street Team also enticed their extensive network of skillful performers to submit their own videos increasing the campaigns reach. The team also patroled the streets using their own camera team capturing skillful applicants that might not have been in the designated camera locations.

Quick Stats

  • Increased number of sign ups by over 50%
  • 5 Boroughs of London
  • 25 Street Team Staff used


  • Drive immediate video entries on promotional days
  • Specialist staff to make promotions come to life

The Street Team provided the following staff & infantry for Converse

  • Basketball Freestylers
  • Cheerleaders
  • Street Dancers
  • Commercial Dancers
  • Acrobats
  • Krumpers
  • Body Poppers
  • Breakdancers